AFNANGEAR is a Manufacturing Company for Martial Arts, Clothing & Boxing products.


We are pleased to introduce AFNAN GEAR as the top quality manufacturers of Boxing and Martial Arts. We are serving globally with top quality. Our company AFNAN INTERNATIONAL was established in 1998 with a motive of developing trust and providing the highest quality standards. We provide services of:

  1. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers)
  2. Custom Logo and Custom labelling
  3. Shipping Worldwide
  4. Therefore, our products are
  5. Boxing Gloves, MMA Gloves, Muay Thai Gloves. Krav Maga, Headguards
  6. MMA Shorts, Muay Thai Shorts, Compression Shorts
  7. BJJ, Judo, Karate, Taekwondo, Kung Fu Kimonos
  8. Focus Mitts, Thai Pads, Punching Bags, Speed Balls, Double End Balls
  9. Rashguards, Compression Pants, Hoodies, T-Shirts and so much more

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